Equipment Rental


The Marshall County Conservation Board owns certain equipment available for public use. Cross Country Skis and snowshoes are used for winter recreation and field trips as a means of getting around in the outdoors during the winter for outdoor experiences. Fishing equipment is used for introducing new people to the sport. The Board also has available two 3 pt. hitch Tree Planters, 5 tree planting bars, and a No-till Native Grass Drill.

The equipment will be available free of charge to groups and individuals during MCCB sponsored and co-sponsored events, public programs and field trips. The tree planters and native grass seed drill can be rented to plant habitat for wildlife (see additional TRUAX Rental Agreement Form).

To use the equipment, the organization or individual must meet these requirements;

  • Groups or individuals must sign a waiver releasing the MCCB of liability
  • Groups or individuals must accept responsibility for equipment damages beyond normal wear
  • Groups or individuals must reserve equipment on a first come first serve through the MCCB Office, 641-752-5490
  • Groups or individuals are responsible for pick up and delivery of the equipment from the MCCB Office at the Grimes Farm and Conservation Center or MCCB Shop facility located at the Central Iowa Fairgrounds during normal business hours, M-F 8:30-4:00 and may borrow the equipment for a maximum of 72 hours
  • Users of the MCCB Equipment may not use alcohol while using the rented property.
  • The renter has the responsibility to provide safe instruction to the users on the usage of the rented equipment


  • Cross Country Skis; $5.00/day, $50 deposit per set of skis
  • Snow shoes; $5.00/day,  $50 deposit per set of snow shoes
  • Fishing equipment;  $25/rack/day, $50 deposit
  • Tree planter; free of charge, $100.00 deposit
  • Tree planting bar(s); free of charge, $20.00 deposit 
  • Truax grass drill; $10.00/acre or $25.00 minimum which ever is more 


Truax Rental Agreement

Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Liability Form

MCCB Equipment Rental Agreement