Marshall County Board of Supervisors

Special Session NOVEMBER 15, 2022, at 9:05 a.m.

Marshall County Election Center

107 S 1st Avenue, Marshalltown, Iowa


Election Canvass for the General Election held November 8, 2022


Call to Order.

How to Participate in the meeting

The Board encourages the public to remain engaged and actively participate via the ZOOM process if they are unable to attend the meeting at the Marshall County Election Center, 107 S 1st Avenue. Presenters may provide documentation electronically for inclusion during the meeting prior to the agenda deadline and are requested to participate via ZOOM. There are 4 available options to view and/or participate in the public meetings:

Notice to the Public

The Board of Supervisors welcomes comments from the public during the time allowed for discussion. You are requested to approach the microphone, state your name for the record and limit the time used to present your remarks in order that others may be given the opportunity to speak. The normal process on any agenda item is for the Chairperson to read the item from the agenda. The Board is given an opportunity to comment on the issue and/or place a motion on the floor. An opportunity for discussion may be presented at which time the public may participate and a roll call vote will follow.


Pledge of Allegiance


Roll Call.

Chair Thompson, Vice Chair Salasek, Member Patten.     

RCV: Thompson:  Absent__ Present__ By Zoom__ /  Salasek: Absent__ Present__ By Zoom__  /  Patten: Absent__ Present__ By Zoom__ 


Approve Agenda.

Motion by ____ ,second by ____ to ____ agenda.

RCV: Thompson Y N / Salasek Y N / Patten Y N


Accept November 8, 2022, General Election Canvass as presented.

Motion by ____ ,second by ____ to ____  November 8, 2022, General Election Canvass as presented and authorize Chair to sign.

RCV: Thompson Y N / Salasek Y N / Patten Y N


Adjourn. Time________________

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