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Leonard Grimes Memorial Amphitheater

Subfacility of Grimes Farm

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Center Use Policy - adopted 4-12-2021

GFCC cleaning rental agreement and cleaning

An amphitheater that can be used for Environmental Education programming, special events, meetings and private gatherings.. The cut limestone seating provides enough room for roughly 80 people and additional room for side seating. Stone pavers have been laid for a patio effect with a raised stage and pergola. A fire pit  adorns the center of the structure for evening events like storytelling and for certain toasted marshmallows. The amphitheater is serviced with electrical receptacles for needs like lighting and sound. LED lighting beneath the seats will allow for safe nighttime navigation to and from the area.

Reservations must be made through the MCCB administrative office at least two weeks in advance of date requested.

Rental fees:

Amphitheater, classroom, restrooms, kitchen, exhibit area, and library $450

A $200 deposit is required. A $500 deposit is required if alcohol is present. Damage deposits are assessed to partially cover damage or loss of items.

Damage deposits are assessed to partially cover damage or loss of items.

1. The deposit is to be returned upon compliance with this agreement and when inspection of the facility by MCCB staff has been completed and approved as satisfactory.

2. The deposit is not to be considered as a limit of liability for damage to county property.The conservation board may take any legal action necessary to recover additional damage.

3. Damage to the exhibits, displays, and mounted animals will be assessed depending on full replacement costs.

4. Missing or broken items will be charged at their replacement value

Alcohol is allowed at GrimesFarm and Conservation Center under the following conditions.

1. The renter must declare prior to the rental if alcohol will be present at the rental. Failure to notify the Marshall County Conservation Board of the presence of alcohol prior to the rental will result in the forfeiture of the damage deposit.

2. The minimum deposit for a rental where alcohol is present is $500.

3. All laws of the State of Iowa regarding consumption of alcohol will be strictly observed. Violation of state code with regard to alcohol consumption will result in expulsion from the area, revocations of rental privileges, and forfeiture of deposit.

4. No kegs, hard liquor, or glass beer bottles are allowed

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