Dust Control

Marshall County offers the following dust abatement options:

Heffron Services will furnish two treatments of magnesium chloride at a cost of $625.00 for the first 400'. Additional footage will be $144.00 per 100 foot. These costs include tax and the $50 County fee.

Central Iowa Dust Control will furnish two treatments of either magnesium chloride or lignin sulfonate (tree sap) at a cost of $615.00 for the first 400'. Additional footage will be $115.00 per 100 foot. These costs include tax and the $50 County fee.

Jerico Services, Inc. will furnish two treatments of calcium chloride at a cost of $634.00 for the first 400'. Additional footage will be $146.00 per 100 foot. These costs include tax and the $50 County fee.

Individuals wishing to apply their own dust control must obtain pre-approval and a $50 permit from this office. No dust control will be allowed unless prior approval has been given. Any unauthorized material placed or dumped on the road will be removed.

If you want one of the above companies, contact the company and send payment directly to the company.  The Engineer’s office will have applications, if needed.  If you wish to apply dust control on your own, please contact the Engineer’s office for the application and make payment to the Engineer’s office located at 101 East Church Street, Marshalltown, IA 50158.

Marshall County and its employees make neither a promise nor claim of the effectiveness of dust control products offered by the various applicators. Results between applicators may vary.

Each contracting company will furnish flags to mark the beginning and end of your treatment area. You will be responsible for measuring your sections accurately. All flags must be in place by April 9.

We encourage you to pick up your flags at the Marshall County Engineer's office or any of our outlying County sheds.


The contractors anticipate the first application will be applied during mid-May and the second approximately mid-July, dependent on weather. Marshall County will again begin blading roads October 1.

Dust Control Customer’s Responsibilities:

  1. To choose one form of dust control.
  2. To make out your check in the correct amount to the contractor, not Marshall County.
  3. To fill out the entire application form and return it and your payment to the contractor of your choice. Please check with contractor of your choice for the deadline date.  If your application is turned in past the deadline date, you will be put on the list for the second spray dates.
  4. To pick up your flags at the County Engineer’s office or any outlying sheds and have them in place no later than April 9, 2023.
  5. To correctly mark the beginning and ending section of road chosen for dust control with flags provided.
  6. To must make sure the flags are visible throughout the entire dust control season.

Contractor’s Responsibilities:

  1. To place each application of dust control on a continuous segment of road a minimum of 400 feet in length and 20 feet in width. This will be done twice during the dust control season.
  2. To provide each customer with two flags to mark the beginning and ending section of road to be treated.
  3. To deal with any problems incurred with any customer after the applications have been applied.

Marshall County’s Responsibilities:

  1. To accept all applications from contractors until 12 NOON on April 05, 2023.
  2. To ensure all roads can withstand the summer's traffic and are in good shape before the dust control is applied, Marshall County usually shapes the roadway and applies new granular resurfacing. This is done a few days before your application is applied. This can result in additional dust between the time of the resurfacing and the dust control application.
  3. To respect dust control locations by not blading any roads unless they deteriorate to the point where blading is required.
  4. To have the right to ready these roads for winter after October 1.